Saturday, May 27, 2006

Picasa for Linux

Picasa, the google photo manager, has been released for Linux. It's not a fully native port as it runs using WINE, but even so the performance doesn't seem to suffer for it and I've not noticed any missing features. Download and further information from here .

I'd suggest setting the 'Folder Manager' to only scan /home as by default it scans the whole file system, which makes Picasa take forever to load subsequently!

For anybody that doesn't like the ugly 'winfile' when you 'Locate on Disk' in Picasa just create a script called '' with the following content somewhere in your path (this only works for Gnome):

nautilus `dirname "$1"`

This is from the Picasa/Linux FAQ.

"You may be surprised that Picasa can't locate files on your Gnome system. Unfortunately, we weren't able to find a way to make Nautilus to open with the correct file highlighted."

I couldn't get the highlight working either even though this link suggests it may be possible on 2.14.

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