Friday, February 24, 2006

Solaris 10, DHCP and DNS Dynamic Update

I recently managed to find the time to install Solaris 10 on my Ultra2. Since I've now moved away from assigning static ip's on my network (except for a few essential hosts) I choose the DHCP option when running the installer. Interestingly the installer never asked for a hostname during setup and sure enough when I first booted my Ultra2 it was now known as 'unknown' and of course no hostname was registered in DNS. To fix this I created the file /etc/nodename which contained just the hostname for the system and /etc/hostname.hme0 which contains one line:

inet hostname

The suffix in the above file name refers to the interface name.

A reboot later my Ultra2 was successfully registering its hostname in DNS.


Anonymous said...

i want to know is this dhcp server on different machine or on the same machine of the dns

Pat said...

It doesn't matter if the dhcp server and dns server are seperate physical or virtual machines. The important point is that you must have configured the dhcp server to send dynamic updates to the dns server and the dns server to accept the updates.

This post was intended to show what needed to be done on the client as I couldn't find any documentation when I needed to do this at the time and other OS's such as Windows and Linux were updating their hostname dynamically without any configuration.

Anonymous said...

ok but i want know how you established the update from the dhcp to the dns where i nade what was recommend by oracle site but it doesn;t work
so if you can help me in this
i appreciate your help